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Tuk Tuk & Red Taxi

Warning about the Tuk Tuk and Red trucks (public transport) here.

Here some things for you that we learned the hard way during our first year here.

To all of you arriving fresh of the train/bus/plane in Chiang Mai. You will find many friends waiting for you. Only you !! Nice smiles and all.. Hoping you have no clue about what’s going on. But too bad for them you found our website before they found you. So now you arrive prepared. Remember that the following is not general practice, but it happens and I would like to give you a pleasant start of your stay in our beautiful province of Chiang Mai, the rose of the north.

Tuk Tuk (samlors) and Songthaews (red truck) are not only there to please you. They try to make some money ! The more the better as you might understand. To increase their income they try to get commission of all kinds of businesses. Guesthouses, Hotels, Tailors and much more. So when you decide not to see their “commission – friends”, the smile might disappear. Hmmm maybe they are not your friends after all. Be persistent and tell them you really want to see YOUR friends at Hollanda Montri Guesthouse regardless whatever bad,wrong things they say about us. If they really don’t want to take you here. Get out and take another one. There are many GOOD GUYS in the business.

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