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Hollanda Montri Guesthouse in Chiang Mai - Thailand

Our Friends

Here you can find people which we had pleasant experience with, so we like to recommend them to you too.
No need to find out everything by yourself while you are on a holiday in Thailand.

Co van Kessel Bangkok Tours

Participants will explore the landmarks surrounding Bangkok during the exciting journey by bicycle. Departing from the Royal Princess Srinakarin hotel at 7am, the bicycle route passes through such familiar temples as Wat Yang and Wat Bang, as well as mosques, churches, Chinese temples and shrines. The cycling route also passes through villages on the outskirts of Bangkok.

If you wish to participate, either individually or as a group, call the Co van Kessel Bangkok Tour office in the Grand China Princess hotel on: 02-688-99 33 or visit the website at www.covankessel.com
Charlie Connection

Going someplace? Not sure how to get there? Need a travel agent?
Hollanda Montri highly recommends Charlie Connection on Samsen Road - Bangkok for all your travel needs. Charlie Connection was introduced to us by Thomas, a no nonsence German guy who often comes to Thailand.
Since then, Jan 97, we have been recommending Charlie Connection to all our guests. No one has been dissapointed. Charlie has been in business for many years now. Charlie's reputation for service, honesty and integrity are unparalleled. That is why Hollanda Montri is pleased to suggest to you Charlie, of Charlie Connection cause he'll get you there, square.

Address: 44 Samsen Road
Bangkok 10200
Phone: ++ 66 2 629-4262
Fax: ++ 66 2 629-1563

Charlie Connection Team

The Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School

The Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School was established in 1993 and is a family business run by Sompon and Elizabeth Nabnian. They offer daily courses taught by Sompon who is an experienced Thai chef and who speaks excellent English. They will teach you the secrets of Thai cooking at our home in a relaxed atmosphere. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 day courses are available. Courses begin every day at 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. The courses include: An introduction to Thai ingredients, paste making, a tour of the market or fruit carving. Comprehensive, easy-to-follow and full colour cook book Eating all the food that you cooked for lunch Seasonal fruit tasting.
PRICES are as follows:
1 day : 1,450 B
2 days : 2,800 B
3 days : 4,050 B
4 days : 5,400 B
5 days : 6,700 B
* Jan 2016
VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted.
The price includes food, recipes, transport and drinks.

Why they are the best cookery school:
  • They were the first school to be established in Chiang Mai in 1993 and they have had more experience of teaching Thai cooking than anybody else.
  • They only teach Thai cooking so that all our time is devoted to continually up-grading and improving our courses and facilities.
  • Their cook book that accompanies the courses is of the highest quality. Every recipe is accompanied by a full colour photograph and each recipe has been written by Sompon and Elizabeth. Their cook book is published in Bangkok.
  • Sompon has an English wife and has spent time in England so that his English is of a very high standard. These days he spends more time speaking English than Thai!
  • The facilities that they have are second to none. Everybody has their own gas ring and work surface so that under no circumstances will you ever have to share and waste time waiting around for your turn to cook.
  • Having spent time cooking Thai food in England, Sompon has first-hand experience of cooking Thai food abroad. He knows what ingredients are available and what can be used as substitutes. He makes annual trips abroad which enables him to continually be able to up-date his information. Over the years of teaching he has also obtained knowledge of what is available in many, many cities and countries around the world.
  • They are the only cooking school in Chiang Mai to be recommended in all major guide books such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Let's Go, Frommers, Stefan Loose and many others. You cannot buy your way into these guide books. Entries are made on recommendations from past students and that is the only way to get in.
Booking and reservation:
You can book your couses with us at Hollanda Montri.
The cookery school will pick you up at the house in the morning and bring you back in the afternoon.


Baan Bua Guesthouse - Chiang Rai

Our team visited Baan Bua guesthouse for the 2nd time already on Thursday september the 5th 2002. The house is quite new and everything is shiny. The place is run by Brian & Tim who have good info for you in case you need some. They are very nice people. So if you're looking for a place to stay in Chiang Rai, this is an excellent one! Now it's Nov. 2005 and we have been here quite a few times. They have fan or aircon rooms with hot shower. Nice garden and good central, quiet location.
879/2 Jedyod Rd.
T. Viang A.Muang
Chiang Rai
57000 Thailand
Tel: (0)53718880
Fax: (0)53705357

Sanpapau bij Lha &Max @ Lha's Place

Welcome to Chiang Mai at Lha's place!
Homestay allows all visitors to live in a Thailand home as a member of the family.
An offer of friendship, a willingness to share themselves and their way of life, and a genuine interest in learning about other cultures and customs, as part of your travel, you will have the opportunity to teach conversational English to your host family while immersing yourself in the culture of the home-stay you select.
Thailand-Homestay will always provide a quality package at low cost, as well as offer each traveler a great opportunity to have close contact with Thai culture via local people through our Home-stay.
That's why we are unique.


Magic Resort, Koh Samui

Magic Resort located in Lamai Beach - Koh Samui.
Operated by Ooh and Goy the friendliest Thai couple. Before they runned a bungalow park called Wanchai Villa. But they stopped that at the end of march 1999 because the owner of the land increased the rent too much.
Now instead of that they have the Magic Resort. It's on a wonderful spot on the Lamai Beach strip. Our team checked these people 6 times the last 3 years. They're wonderful! History is repeating itself sept. 2004 Goy told me that she will start a new bungalow park at Koh pa ngan and Ooh will be taking care of Magic Resort , because the lease of Magic resort is almost finished.
Lucky for all of us it's Xmas 2007 the lease has been renewed for another 10 years. Half of the old bungalows are replaced by fancy deluxe new bungalows. Ooh and Goy are still there! Go and have fun ! Last visited Dec. 2007.
Spoke to P'Goy on newyears 2016, everything still ok.

Ok here is the address:
Magic Resort Lamai Beach Koh Samui
Surat Thani
Thailand 84310 Tel: (077) 424229